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2012 -- "Femicide and the Disintegration of the Family Fabric in Ciudad Juarez: An Interview with Lourdes Portillo"
  by Alice Driver
Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, Vol. 30, pages 215-225.

2012 -- "La mirada chicana de Portillo"
  by Cristina Rivera Garza

2012 -- "Lourdes Portillo: La Cineasta Inquisitiva"
  by Mónica López-González

2009 -- "El Ojo del Dolor"

2009 -- "Resisting the Violence of Values: Lourdes Portillo's Senorita Extraviada as Performative Utterance"
  by Monica F. Torres

2000 -- "The Devil Never Sleeps and Other Films by Lourdes Portillo"
  by Rosa Linda Fregoso
University of Texas

1991 -- "Interview: Lourdes Portillo"
  by Jackson, Cheryl
The Squealer, Spring/Summer 1991, p. 4.

1986 -- "Interview With Lourdes Portillo"
  by Sanchez-Padilla, Beverly.
Tonantzin, San Antonio, Texas: Publication of the Guadalupe Arts Center, Vol. 3, No.2, 1986

1986 -- "Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo: An Interview with Susana Munoz and Lourdes Portillo"
  by Fusco, Coco.
Cineaste, Vol. 15, No. 1, 1986, p. 22-25.

"Chicano Film Practices -- Despues del Terremoto"
  by Rosa Linda Fregoso
Chicanos in Film

"Cruzando Los Límites"
  by Norma Iglesias

"Death as the Ultimate Other"
  by Michelle Stewart

"Differential Consciousness in Despues del Terremoto"
  by Rosa Linda Fregoso
Nepantla in Gendered Subjectivity

"Exposing a Plague of Killings"
  by Anne Marie O'Connor

"Film as Reflection "
  by Lourdes Portillo
Sources of a Distinct Majority

"Impassioned Voice For An Unsung Few"
  by Sergio de la Mora

"Lourdes Portillo y Los Crímeness de Ciudad Juárez"
  by Juan Rodríguez Flores

"Lourdes Portillo: You Can Only Make a Good Film if You Look Inward"
  by Avery F. Gordon and Christopher Newfield, editors
Mapping Multi-Culturalism

"Making Evil: Crime Thrillers and Chicano Cinema"
  by Juan Velasco
Denver Law Review Vol. 78

"Not just the pyramids and menudo: An interview with Lourdes Portillo conducted by Fred Salas"
  by Fred Salas

"Screening Resistance -- A conversation with Lourdes Portillo"
  by Rosa Linda Fregoso

"Señorita Extraviada Breaks the Veil of Silence"
  by Pedro Reynoso Valdez

"Steadfast Love and Subversive Acts: The Politics of La Ofrenda: The Days of the Dead"
  by Kathleen Newman

"Terrisimo del Género en la Frontera de Ua-Mexico"
  by Sergio de la Mora

"Una Muerte Observada. Apuntes sobre El Diablo Nunca Duerme, de Lourdes Portillo"
  by Blas Martinez

"Verdad de la Ficción Sobre El Diablo Nunca Duerme, de Lourdes Portillo"
  by Jorge La Ferla

"Videofagia: Señorita Extraviada"
  by Farail Aviña

"Women Rally for Missing"
  by Macarena Hernandez