Señorita Extraviada

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Señorita Extraviada, Missing Young Woman tells the story of the hundreds of kidnapped, raped and murdered young women of Juárez, Mexico. The murders first came to light in 1993, and young women continue to "disappear" to this day without any hope of bringing the perpetrators to justice. Who are these women from all walks of life and why are they getting murdered so brutally?

The documentary moves like the unsolved mystery it is, and the filmmaker poetically investigates the circumstances of the murders and the horror, fear and courage of the families whose children have been taken. Yet it is also the story of a city of the future; it is the story of the underbelly of our global economy.

"[Lourdes Portillo] won a 1986 Oscar nomination for Las Madres: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, a film about political dissidents in Argentina. She has studied AIDS and Latinas in Vida and explored the legacy of Tejano singer Selena in Corpus. But nothing she's done has been as wrenching as Señorita Extraviada..."
      -- Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle

"Señorita Extraviada is further proof that [Lourdes Portillo] is one of the most important filmmakers chronicling the Latino experience today."
      -- Mike McDaniel, Houston Chronicle

“...a powerful film that bears witness to the humanity of the victims... and a powerful testament to the bravery of the women who have refused to be intimidated and have dared to speak out, organize, and protest. Señorita Extraviada is a cry of outrage and a call to activism.”
      -- Marcia Gillespie, Ms. Magazine

2001 • Video • 74 min. • Documentary
Color • USA • Spanish and English • Subtitles
Distributor: Xochitl Productions, Women Make Movies

Funded by ITVS, the MacArthur Foundation, the Soros Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.